The Handover Checklist

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The Handover Checklist

Whilst we know that every tenancy is unique, here are some rules to offer you some 'benchmarks' for Landlords & new Tenants alike to work with at handover time.

One can also add some other matters that may be applicable to the property.

1. Take photographs as evidence of important things and the property condition.

2. When taking photographs it may help to put a scale reference such as a ruler into the picture

3. Take notes of any comments or agreed "special conditions" from either party to the Lease Agreement.

4. Check all walls and painted surfaces for damage and or current condition, taking photographs as appropriate to record the current condition.

5. Check roof and ceilings for presentation and integrity

6. Check the electrical compliance certificate, service dates on fire extinguishers & roller doors.

7. Check all floor coverings for any damage or deterioration beyond normal 'wear and tear'

8. Look for any floor or wall holes/cracks that exist or may need to be remedied.

9. Check air conditioning function, remote controls and service records

10. Check lights and light switches for function. It may be necessary to replace globes & tubes in the light fittings as part of the make good provisions of the    lease

11. Check all doors and locks for safety and security. All keys to the doors should be provided or returned as appropriate.

12. Check windows for function, security, and safety

13. Check the installation and compliance of any signage for the premises and that such is in accordance with rules set for the building.

14. Look for any matters of change to the structural integrity of the building and the premises

Author: John Highman

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